Welcome to Stella’s Temple

Welcome to Stella’s Temple grab yourself a lovely herbal tea and get cosy.

I am a Cosmic Goddess with over nineteen years of experience as an international Psychic/Medium, Tarot Reader and Qigong Practitioner.

I have worked in many settings as a Psychic/Medium, studied at Tony Stockwell’s and Arthur Findlay College. I am a qualified Holistic Practitioner and Tutor offering  One to one readings, Tarot, Spiritual and online courses.

As a Cosmic Goddess, I have a passion for inspiring you to become the best version of yourself by connecting with your Divinity, discovering your Soul purpose, and becoming the best version of yourself.

I feel I am in service as I am a natural-born Psychic and feel lucky to have been gifted with my skills as a psychic/medium.

My speciality is Tarot relationship readings.



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