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Immune Booster Green Smoothie

During these times it’s important to look after our immune system. This is a perfect way to start your day or as an afternoon boost.

Ingredients: 1 stick celery, chunk cucumber, chunk ginger, small piece of turmeric, half an apple, handful of spinach, 2 small slices of fresh chilli, slice of lemon skin removed, 2 tbsp vegan yoghurt, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, 1 tsp coconut oil, 2 dates, 1 glass of filtered or distilled water. Whizz up in high speed blender and enjoy.

You can replace fresh ginger, turmeric and chilli with powders. If you like sweeter replace some water with apple juice or add a few more dates. This tastes so fresh it reminds me of a vegetable garden on a summer morning.

Enjoy ❤ x

Immune Boosting Green Smoothie
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2020 Energy Tarot Reading

In January I gave predictions for 2020 with the help of my guide Kharla. The reading makes alot of sense now. If you need some clarity and comfort amidst this chaos please feel free to have a listen and give me some feedback. I will aim to do another next week sometime.

Look after your mental, emotional, physical, energetic and Spiritual wellbeing now more than ever before. I will be sharing some tools for you to use during these challenging times such as meditation, Qigong and some self soothing techniques ❤

2020 Energy Tarot reading part one

2020 Energy Tarot reading part two

2020 Energy Tarot Reading part three

*I mention aromatherapy oils in these videos just a reminder that pregnant women should avoid lavender oil for the first trimester and avoid clary sage completely. Please check all contraindications before using any oils especially for children and pregnant women*

I am offering video call, skype or phone Tarot readings.
If you wish to book contact me
Via  messenger
Text +447545982562

About me and Tai Chi Chuan

Yin Yoga and Yang Qigong by the Sea

Myself Stella’s Holistic Services Sarah Hall from Yoga at the Thames run a weekly joint session at The Thames Estuary Yacht club the yacht club is such a beautiful venue with views right across the estuary and when the tide is in the water is literally underneath us.

Each week we have a different theme and sometimes our themes flow from one to another and at other times they contrast greater with more of an extreme transition from Yin to Yang.

We start the morning at 9.30am with Sarah’s gentle Yin yoga allowing our bodies to be supported by the blocks, bolsters and various other props that Sarah has. We cover ourselves with a soft fluffy blanket and allow our bodies to relax while our connective tissue responds to the long steady holds within a Yin practice whilst admiring the beautiful views of the estuary and nature. After the Yin Yoga session that last’s an hour we have a tea break with some herbal teas, chocolate including vegan chocolate and time to socialise and catch up with the group. This has become so much more than a group it’s a community of like minded people sharing the space. After tea Stella then leads the Yang Qigong session sometimes we start with floor work and focusing on restorative Qigong and other times we practice flowing routines aligning our breath with the gentle flowing movements of ancient Chinese self-healing practices that combines physical movements with a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, mindfulness meditation and postures.

Stella brings some affirmation cards that you are welcome to choose one from the deck with some words for your day ahead and Sarah brings aromatherapy oils for us to allow the oils to relax or recharge us and tempt our senses with the beautiful aromas. Stella and Sarah play music in the background although sometimes we listen to the sounds of the waves lapping around us. Most weeks we both offer a short meditation during our sessions.

Here is more information regarding details about Qigong and Yin Yoga all these sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities we adapt the moves where needed for individuals.

What is Qigong?
Qi: is your ‘vital energy’ or ‘lifeforce’
Gong: means skill or cultivation
Qigong: is the art and skill of gathering and working with Qi (life force energy) for better health

Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-healing practice that combines physical movements a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, mindfulness meditation, postures and a positive use of the mind for better health, well-being, fitness and vitality.

Stella’s Qigong will focus on the five elements of Wood, Water, Fire, Earth & Metal, Yin Yang philosophy and healing sounds. These sessions will be more Yang in nature to compliment Sarah’s Yin Yoga.
Qigong is suitable for all abilites and can be adapted. Please wear comfortable clothes.

What is yin yoga?
Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that enables us to heal both our heart and our mind. It allows us to take the time to sit and explore within, to just be still, and to be comfortable me aware of what the body and mind are telling us.

It differs from other types of yoga Hatha and Vinyasa yet is the perfect complement! By having a Yin and a Yang practice, you are creating a beautiful balance within your energy systems and a unique sense of calmness you will benefit from both physically and mentally.

Yin and Yang tissues respond differently to being exercised. Muscles require heat and movement to release in a Yang practice , while connective tissue responds best to the long steady holds within a Yin practice.

Join Sarah Hall & Stella Phillips
for an Alchemical Journey
of Yin Yoga & Yang Qigong on
Thursday mornings

9.30-10.30 yin yoga
10.45-11.45 Qi Gong with Stella £15 for both sessions

£9 individual drop in classes

We are offering 4 consecutive complete sessions for a reduced price of £50 opposed to £60.

Or individual classes 4 consecutive weeks £30 opposed to £36.

Come and join us for a relaxing morning by the sea 🌊 enjoying some me time nourishing your Mind Body & Soul with Yoga, Qigong and sipping complimentary drinks ☕️ and nibbles 🍫

Any questions feel free to contact me here on messenger

We hope to see you one Thursday love Sarah and Stella x

Cosmic Goddess, Spirituality, Tai Chi Chuan and me

Heart Centred Business Woman and Sexy Witch they match like Tea and Biscuits ❤

I love being a heart centred sexy witch and combining my love of magic and all things Witchy with the work that I love to do such as Tarot, Divination, Massage, Psychic Readings, Qigong, Clairvoyant.

I also run a monthly Pop up Goddess and Gods Temple where lots of amazing Sexy Witches gather together to rest, heal and support each other in a safe community just as women and Men have done since the beginning of time. I feel so blessed in my life and then I remind myself that I created all of this. I created all of this despite many hardships along the way.

I thank all of the pain, teacher’s along the way and those I’ve taught admist my journey.

I’ve travelled down many roads that could have led me to give up on life, give up on myself but that was never going to be an option as I am a Goddess! I am a Warrior!

When life has beaten me down with things such as being homeless, in abusive relationships, debilitating illness, loss of both of my parents, loss of my first true love when he was only 19, sexual abuse and rape. I made a choice to help others with my pain to be the wounded healer and offer empathy and hope to my clients to help other Goddesses & Gods rise up!

If you are reading this and you feel there is no hope! I assure you there is! Have faith in your self, rise up like the Goddess or God that you are. Remember you are made of Stardust you are unique and the world needs your talents and we all have talents even if you’ve not discovered yours yet. I assure you it is there.

To discover your talent look within, meditate and explore the world through a childs eyes. What lit you up when you was young? What did you want to be when you grew up? Go search for it and do whatever lights you up. This life is for living! Enjoy it as much as you can ❤ even in the darkest times of our lives there is always a positive it’s the law of the universe of the Dao that’s why I love Tai Chi and Taoist philosophies. Tai Chi saved mine and my youngest Daughters life but i’ll share more of that another day.

I do love it when my amazing client’s leave a review ❤ I feel truly blessed to work with the cilents I do.

Have faith in yourself! Your vibe attracts your tribe and I love my working life.

It’s taken alot of hard work, sacrifices and sleepless nights to achieve my business goals but totally worth it. My best piece of advice if you are just starting out fully self employed is be led by your heart and focus on what gifts you can bring to the world ❤ then you cannot go wrong ❤
Have an amazing day everyone!

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