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Phoenix Rising

Would you like to feel free and Empowered? Step fully into your Power and create a life full of Joy, Freedom and Juiciness…. Come and join Stella at her Temple and receive free powerful advice and Stella’s 5 Step’s to Empowerment.

If you have been or are stuck in a crazymaking relationship you may be dealing with a Narcissist and not all Narcissists are Grandiose and full of ego. Some Narcissists switch it up or are very vulnerable, It messes with your mind and keeps you stuck in a world of crazymaking cycling. ❤ xx

If you can relate to any of this join me on a my free workshop Phoenix Rising! Overcoming Narcissist Abuse, What is a Narcissist and how can I avoid dating one.

One lucky person will win a Vip coaching session with me worth £250 to help you step fully into power! (No cash alternative and must be booked before 1st December 2020)

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