Are My Breast’s Even…. Enough!!

Am I Enough? Am I Too Much?

Am I great Mum…. Am I great Grandma….

Am I a Loyal Friend…….

Am I pretty enough?

Do I Talk Too Much? Am I Too Quiet?

Am I Sexy Enough?

Do I Think Too Much!!!!

Am I a good cook!

Are my Breast’s Even Enough?

Are My Thighs Too Big… Too Small!

Do I look Ok without makeup?

Fuck Yeah!!

I am More than Enough!

I am Stardust!

I am a Cosmic Goddess created with particles of Light!

Now Breathe and go to Sleep


Sweet Dreams x

Living in a Society where everything is expected to be perfect! Nature is perfect yet we do not see straight lines in Nature ❤ I am sure these words can resonate with many.

About me and Tai Chi

I have practised the art of Tai Chi for over 18 years.

I studied Tai Chi Chuan with the late Master Graham Horwood. Graham is internationally renowned and was an amazing teacher who was very dedicated to Tai Chi. Graham has written several books including Key to Health with Cures from West to East – A Complete Health Guide and Tai Chi Chuan and the Code Of Life. Graham was taught by Master Chu King Hung, third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung. Yang Shou Cheung was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu. He spent 10 years practising and teaching with Master Chu, who informed Graham that he was the first of his students to understand the internal principles of Tai Chi.


Graham and I were in the local papers and Anglia news as one of our students was 107 years old.


I feel blessed to have taught Tai Chi and Qigong in the community with a wide variety of learners.

I also offer Public Speaking on The Yin Yang Philiosphy of Health.

I have been fortunate enough to share my knowledge by giving talks and advice regarding the Yin Yang Philiopshy across the Uk and Europe.

Public Speaking Olympia London