Day 14 Easing out Sunday

Day 14 Easing out Sunday!
Yesterday didn’t go quite as I had planned 
I had my beetroot juice for breakfast and took one with me for lunch.
We visited a couple of English Heritage sites Lullingstone Villa Roman ruins, beautiful place and Lullingstone Castle and world gardens.
After these we made our way to our room. It was at a service station, not quite how it had been advertised. Lucky it was only a night we were staying. We went over to the shops at the service station to look on our phones for a local place to eat. As we were on the motorway everything was a fair drive. There was a Costa Coffee at the services I decided to have a Chai Soya Latte, I was fighting with myself in my head. I ended up
Convincing myself it was ok to have a latte. Not to bad on the grand scale of things. I drank half of a small latte, it was ok but whilst I was drinking I was thinking id much prefer a nut milk with some cinnamon. There is something so pleasurable about eating and drinking foods that I know are good for me as well as delicious.
After much searching and not much to choose from, we then decided on a Chinese Buffet restaurant. It advertised a salad bar. There was about 4 items on the salad bar that didn’t look very good. I buckled to the smell of hot Chinese food. I had some mushrooms in rice wraps and some mixed veg. I only ate a small amount and didn’t feel guilty.
Again back to my challenge of eating out! I am pleased with myself that I didn’t overeat at the Chinese.
My only concern is how will affect the cleanse.

Day 13 Saturday power cleansing day!

I have woke up full of energy today! Feeling very positive and full of life! It does help my partner is taking me away for the night. We are going to visit some English heritage sites today and tomorrow. It does bring some stress with it as we have to eat. I’ve decided to have a Big Fresh Juice to finish off fruit and veg i have. Ive used beetroot (from garden) cucumber (from allotment) 4 plums, 3 small apples, chunk ginger, half lemon. Ended up with this gorgeous deep pink frothy juice.
I plan on having salad for lunch. Tonight I will ask if we can find somewhere that does a nice salad or has a salad bar. I shall have fruit in the morning and maybe a smoothie or salad for lunch on Sunday. A big part of me going raw is to integrate it into my life. My partner eats meat yet also enjoys most foods I prepare. I mostly cook vegetarian for the family sometimes chicken rarely red meat. My partner is a firefighter so gets fed at work which is helpful for me as those days/nights I just think about me. My 17 year old generally sorts her own food out on those nights too and when I’m working etc. I feel it’s important for children to be independent.
Here is too a good day and to overcome some challenges.

This is why I choose not eat animals! They love unconditionally too!


Day 7

Woke up feeling pants again today.
Bloated tummy.
Emotionally all over the place. I didn’t get out of bed until 12, I had to force myself to get out literally saying to myself come on get up and workout you will feel better. It’s amazing how at times our bodies want different from our mind or vice versa. I pushed myself out of bed My gums were bleeding I brushed them with salt that’s stopped it for now.
I decided to have the rest of the almond milk I made the other day. I strained out the bits and decided rather than waste them I’ll make another apple pie. I added a few macadamia and hazelnuts to the mix. Blended the apples with dates and cinnamon. I know this will be comforting food today. I’m hoping the nuts will help ground me emotionally abit too. I done a 25 minute workout, I could feel this was helping to push stuff through my system. I picked my daughter up from her girlfriends house then lay on the sofa and watched a film and ate my apple pie. It was a touching film, I had a few tears. It was called One Day.
I was still feeling unsettled after the film. I snapped at my girl over something trivial, felt really bad, went to bed and cried. I apologised to her, she understood bless her. I decided an early night was probably the best thing for me. I had alot of thoughts and feelings coming up about a situation that needed to be addressed.
I have been body brushing most days to help eliminate toxins. This is something I regularly do anyhow. I have been using aromatherapy oils too, made a gorgeous blend of patchouli, clary sage, lime and geranium. Geranium is very powerful in balancing emotions, clary sage is great for the nervous system and cleansing, lime lifts my mood, the earthly smell of patchouli is very grounding and It’s one of my favourites. I use sweet almond oil as a base, I use the oil all over my body and face. I have used this method of moisturising for 12 years now. I make a different blend every few weeks. I also use pure Shea butter on my skin i don’t use it everyday as its so rich.
Tomorrows a new day.

Day 4 21 day cleanse

Day Four
I woke feeling tired this morning, I could sense that once I was up and moving I would feel great. Again I had this urge to move my body to shift stuff along, be it emotions or toxins. I done 15 minutes Zumba workout, I really noticed how much more energy I could put into the moves. Wow that felt great! I still have these emotions today and feeling some heaviness. I trust this will work its way through. I have been taking time to listen to my inner thoughts, it’s amazing how much buzzes around my head and how random some stuff is 🙂 I need to work on myself some more! It’s a never ending job I think working on ourselves. I constantly question myself and my actions towards myself and others. I do my best to be awake and aware. There is far too many people sleeping right now. WAKEY WAKEY is what I want to shout at times but I realise we are all walking our own path. We all choose our own destiny! Well that’s my belief! We have choices, always! Right now I am choosing to do this cleanse because it feels right for me and I’m so glad I am doing it. Life is for living and experiencing. Today I am teaching Tai Chi in residential homes I always find this a trying yet humbling experience each Thursday. I imagine what I would like to do with my life by the time I’m 80 . Some of the residents are still full of life, wit and humour even though their bodies may be giving up. Others are able bodied yet there mind is jumbled. I just hope I will be the cheeky one with the twinkle still in their eye that tells me they have enjoyed their life and will continue to do so for as long as possible. I’ve just eaten my sunflower pate for lunch, wasn’t very nice if I am honest. The flavour is good but the gritty consistency let it down. I really would love to add a vita max to my kitchen equipment. Back to work now.
Tonight I had butternut squash pasta freshly picked from our allotment yesterday

I made a tomato sauce with dates, sage, olive oil and macadamia nuts. A slight variation to the Zucchini pasta dish on my 21 day cleanse menu.
My emotions seem to have settled. I haven’t been hungry but have had a few cravings come up, I’ve taken the time to converse with those cravings to discover why.

Day Two 21 Day …

Day Two 21 Day Cleanse
I had a slight foggy head when I woke up this morning it soon shifted once I got out of bed. I squeezed 3 grapefruits and an orange, it is gorgeous! I am surprised at how much it fills me up. I put together my vegetables for lunch and off I went to do a little bit of work before going to visit my Daughter and Grandson. We all went off for a walk to the woods. It was amazing in the woods today, the sun was shining allowing the light to filter through the trees. I took my mineralising salad and ate it sitting on a wooden bridge chatting with my Daughter whilst my Grandson had a nap. We finished off the trip with a fruit juice pitcher in the pub. You cannot buy precious days like today.
On the way home I went shopping for the rest of the ingredients on my shopping list.
I really wasn’t hungry when I got back. I made one kale wrap but couldn’t eat it, instead I made a mate tea with fresh lemon and ginger.
Before bed I did the 4 minute fat burner. I have really enjoyed the experience today of eating so light yet feeling so satisfied. I can sense a huge change in my attitude to food, this is welcomed. I realise how often I eat because I feel I should, I eat just in case I get hungry later if no food options available or I worry I may get tired. My favourite trick is stashing nuts in my car or bag just so I have something to hand.
Today ive learnt how powerful our thoughts really are! I know thoughts are very powerful! Especially our inner voice, who can build or destroy us in a nano second. Today it became so clear to me how influential our thoughts are with regard to what we eat and when.
I got some before shots of me today that I will add shortly.
Looking forward to what day 3 of my cleanse will reveal!
Refreshing Grapefruit Juice
Mineralising Salad
Me in the woods

Day one The Garden Diet 21 Day Cleanse

I am looking forward to feeling great inside and out! I have been vegetarian for most of my adult life. I have been gradually turned off by dairy produce over the last couple of years. On the 1st of April this year I became dairy free/Vegan and cut out caffeine. I have been increasing the amount of raw foods I eat since becoming dairy free. I have lost 18 pounds in weight although this was not my reason for a change in diet it is a very welcomed side effect. After the initial detox symptoms I have increased energy and feel cleaner. I found it difficult to stay raw during our family camping trip, some days eating chips out of laziness. I have noticed how addictive cooked foods really are. I would like to learn more ways to combine a raw lifestyle with family, meals out etc
I really want to step it up so I can feel amazing.
I done it! I took a brave leap of faith and signed up for the Garden Diet Raw Program.
Today is my first day. I started off this morning with freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice
It was delicious.
Lunch I had mixed leaves, half an avocado, olive oil, celtic sea salt and pumkin seeds. I had to improvise as I did not manage to get all items on the already prepared shopping list.
I have practised two hours Tai Chi this morning and I am teaching for two hours tonight.
I am going to do Jules 13 minute workout after I have finished typing this and then prepare dinner of Guacamole Without Jicama as I could not get any. Going to substitute with apple.

Could you be a No Meat Athlete ?

Check out the recipes and advice on the website below. Could you be a no meat Athlete ? I just love this website.
If Athletes can anyone can!
How to make the perfect smoothie. Yum Yum!iStock 000003942941XSmall
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