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🔮✨ Introducing Sliding Scale Tarot Readings! ✨🔮

Hey, cosmic souls! I’m excited to share with you a new offering that’s all about accessibility and empowerment.

In these times of uncertainty, I strongly feel that everyone deserves access to the transformative wisdom of Tarot, the comforting embrace of psychic insights, and the heartwarming connection with loved ones in the Spirit realm—regardless of their financial circumstances.

With my Sliding Scale Tarot Readings, I’m offering you the flexibility to choose a rate that aligns with your budget.

You can contribute depending on your budget. 

Here’s how it works: 💫 You decide what you can afford within the range of £45 to £80. 💫 Receive the same high-quality, personalized Tarot reading tailored to your needs. 💫 No judgement, no questions asked.

Your journey matters, and I’m here to support you.

This is about making authentic connections and empowering you on your path.

Let’s co-create a space of transformation and insight together.

Book your Sliding Scale Tarot Reading, and let’s embark on a cosmic journey of self-discovery! 🌌🌟

Clairvoyant, Psychic, Tarot Reading or Mediumship reading via Phone/Zoom/ Skype 60 minutes

Rose Gold Soul Path reading via Phone/Zoom/Skype £80

Sapphire VIP12 month Tarot Card Reading forecast via Phone/Zoom/Skype 90 minutes £149.99, 90 minutes (can be taken any time of the year, great Birthday gift)

Diamond VIP Cosmic Alignment Session  Do you feel stuck? Need more than a Tarot reading? I offer Cosmic alignment sessions, a combination of a Soul path reading, Cosmic guidance and Energy session via Zoom investment – £199.00 allow 120 minutes 

One-to-one with Stella Want to learn Tarot, tap into your Psychic abilities, and Develop your gifts? Book a clarity call with Stella for Private one-to-one sessions. 

Vip package Half a day with Stella. More info click here
* Phone Uk only – Zoom/Skype Internationally where available.

* All readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as/or in place of professional counsel.